Quarter 3 Attendance Make-Up

Qtr. 3


Academic expectations and requirements for attendance make-up

Students will be required to complete academic assignments during the attendance make-up session(s) in order to receive credit.  Students will be expected to complete any missing coursework that is allowed to be made up.

During attendance make-up sessions students are expected to do the following:

1. Priority – Do academic work for the class that the student is recovering time for.  This is the student’s responsibility.  The student must bring all necessary materials to their attendance make-up session and return it to the proctor following their session.

2. Students who come without academic work will be assigned to do test preparation activities via free online resources. (Khan Academy, etc.) In order for students to receive credit for attending Attendance Make-up, student must work on and hand in to the proctor an academic artifact.

3. No cell phone use during Attendance Make-up sessions.