Students & Parents:

As we begin this school year together, let me answer one question immediately:

YES.  We WILL have homework & class-work!

Here is our Algebra homework/class-work policy for this school year:

--All HW problems will relate to the content covered in notes, so USE YOUR NOTES!

--HW counts as 20% of your overall grade!

--If possible, you WILL have time in class to complete some (possibly all) of your HW
(I will give you this time as often as I can.  Don't waste it!)

--Any problems NOT completed in class must be completed at home in order to receive full credit.   (Remember: You must SHOW YOUR WORK for full credit!)

--Homework is YOUR practice work!  Use it to make yourself GOOD at Algebra!

--DON'T skip the word problems!

--If you have ANY questions, ASK them when we go through the answers!
(Yes...We will check ALL answers!)