Susan Clark

Welcome to Foods and Nutrition 1!

Syllabus and Class Rules can be accessed from the Foods and Nutrition 1 folder.  

The majority of work is accomplished during the class period. To make up a missing assignment, please see Ms. Clark. (There is a class set of textbooks only; textbook is available on-line.)
Please regularly monitor grades and attendance in Parent Portal.

Foods and Nutrition 1 is a one-semester course, allowing only 5 non-medical absences.  Missing more than 1/3 (usually 30 minutes) of any class will be treated as an absence. After 5 absences, a student may register and attend Attendance Make-up sessions to prevent loss of credit due to absences.

Food preparation labs will begin after safety/sanitation rules and procedures have been mastered and tools/equipment have been learned.  If students do not follow proper procedures during lab, they will be removed from lab and review/describe safe behaviors until the next scheduled lab.

I will be teaching during 1st, 4/5 and 7th periods in room 103.
My planning time is 9:35AM-11:05PM daily.
For any questions or concerns, please email me on the Contact Me link (on the left).