Jerri Grant

Career & Technology Education

The syllabus along with some assignments & assessments can be found on your class google classroom. Your classroom code is given at the beginning of the school Year. Parents feel free to email me if you'd like to join the class.

Important notices:

  • Missed assignments: Per the JICHS handbook, you have 5 days from your return date to submit missed work.
  • Late work: Assignments that are submitted late will receive a 10 point deduction each day.
  • Attendance policy: This is a 90 minute, semester course. In order to earn credit, you may not have more than 5 total non-medical absences. Also, if you miss more than ? of the class period (30 min), you will be marked absent. This includes, arriving late or leaving without reaching that number of minutes.
  • Phone/smartwatch Policy: Phone use is not permitted during instruction or tests, unless otherwise specified.
  • Note-taking is not required but recommended. Assessments will be related to notes discussed in class.